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  • What is the maintenance
    Lash extension maintenance depends on the stength of the adhesive used & how you care for your lashes at home. I recommend you get a fill every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full & beatiful.
  • Will extensions damage my lashes?
    Extensions will not damage your eyelashes if they are applied correctly. A professional, Certified artist will select the proper curl & diameter and use the correct amount of adhesive to pervent damage.
  • Can I use an eyelash curler on my extensions
    NO! Using a curler can cause lash damage, & there will be no need to us one beacuse lash extensions come in different curl sizes to give you the look you want without an eyelash curler.
  • Can I go swimming?
    Yes! But wait 4-6 hours after you lash appointment. Please pat eye area dry, avoid rubbing the lashes.
  • can I get lashes if I'm allergic to latex
    Yes! There is no latex in Island Girl Boutique lash glue.
  • How long do lash extensions last?
    Lash will last around 2-5 weeks, until your natural lash sheds. Each eye has 150 natural lashes. If you are losing more than 5 extensions per day or the extensions are shedding without being attached to the natural lash, Please let your lash artist know ASAP.
  • What are eyelash extensions
    Eyelash extensions are different than temporary eyelashes. While you can apply temporary lashes yourself, they only last a day and are glued to the lash line. Lash extensions require a professional to apply, last for several weeks & are glued to individual lashes.
  • Are lash extensions safe for my eyes?
    Absolutely, YES! Island Girl Boutique products are exclusively develop to the hightest standards of safety, quality & performance.
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